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Need A-Peel?

We are the future of design!

Need A-Peel?

We are the future of design!


Gorilla Style Layout Design

We specialize in high quality layout design. Everything from brochures to album art, from magazine ads to mouse pads, from coffee mugs to calendars. Business Cards? Does that even need to be said? Our layout design is second to none!



Logo Design

We produce quality logos for all types of companies, individuals and small businesses. No matter the size of the project WILD monkey DESIGN will deliver! Our logos capture the clients thoughts and bring them to life making the branding phase just that much easier!



High Quality Web Design!

WILD monkey DESIGN is a complete design studio with heavy emphasis on eye catching, eye candy-sweet goodness. We offer something no other firm can... Artist who develop and code, meaning what you get in our Web Design is interactive art, not just a simple website!



Promotional Material

Need a one stop shop? WILD monkey DESIGN is firm that doesn't break your budget but gives you the look and feel that you deserve! We're artist trying to make a name for ourselves so where other firms are mediocre at best be take it past extreme!



Whenever a file is added or deleted from a shared folder, Dropbox instantly updates everyone who has access to it. This guarantees that you will always have the most important and latest copy of your files.


Are you 100% positive you want that Unicorn jumping over a pit of lava? No… For those clients who aren’t quite sure of what they want and do not want to face hourly design charges this option safe guards you for the duration of the Logo Creation process.

Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and with 90% of our clients coming to us via word-of-mouth speaks volumes to our client relations. We will beat any design firms quote and give you much better, unique and lasting work.

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