About Us

About Wild Monkey

Wild Monkey Design is built on bold ideas. We don’t outsource our work, we build it in house from the ground up and work directly with our clients to maximize their personality and character in everything they do. What makes our clients unique is what makes their logo, website, and entire portfolio unique.

Our client’s success is our success. It’s our reputation on the line every time a consumer sees our clients’ website, logo, or marketing campaign. We keep our client list to a manageable level to ensure that in everything we do, we give it everything we have. At Wild Monkey Design, if you aren’t satisfied with our work, we aren’t satisfied. Lifelong client loyalty and word of mouth is how we build our business because your success is our pride and our reputation is our bottom line.


Wild Monkey was founded by Henry Perkins & Ariel Davis in 2020. Initially, the goal was to produce freelance work for larger firms. We started in a basement and upgraded to our creative studio located in Colorado then switched to a larger market in Dallas Texas. After years of education and countless hours experience and research, we’ve made the leap to a branding agency. This has allowed us to fulfill all aspects of branding that our clients need to be successful.


  • Henry Perkins

    CBO | Creative Director

    Henry is an experienced Creative Director/Visual Designer with over 12 years of design and art direction. He is a sharp conceptual thinker, outstanding visual director and is a strategically focused designer with proven leadership abilities.

    He is a hands-on leader with a creative approach to strategy development. With this in mind, he has a proven track record of going above and beyond for clients.

    He has a very precise process that impacts design keeping ROI as his main focus. He believes in the balance of subjectivity and functionality within the creative space.

  • Ariel Davis

    CMO | Advertising Director

    Ariel understands how to navigate the digital landscape when clients see it as a daunting task. She sees the team’s collective experience as a cultivated perspective pulling us in the direction of advertising.

    Ariel holds small business and entrepreneurship close to her heart. She is invested in the vitality of the business community. Small businesses are at the heart of that community and advertising can help those businesses grow from a single job to a legacy.